Robocop 2 Enforcement Droid Model 209 Prop For Sale

February 7, 2013


Ever wanted to own your own full size Omni Consumer Products Enforcement Droid 209 (ED-209) from Robocop before? Well now you can because Hollywood Parts is selling one on eBay for $25,000. Granted it's not how I'd spend 25-grand, but a lifetime supply of bourbon isn't for everyone.

This ED-209 model was made for the movie Robocop 2. It may have been used as a stand-in for the robot during production or created as a marketing piece to promote the movie. It stands at over 10 feet tall on two hind legs built with pneumatic cylinders. The moving parts have not been tested. This robot has been in storage for quite some time. There is electrical wiring for the hydraulics to work with the leg extensions and to rotate the body portion. It was built very well and is truly a must see piece.

The droid is located in North Hollywood so if any of you are serious about buying and want to go see it I'll definitely go with you provided you buy me drinks first. "How many?" However many it takes to get me drunk enough to saw your arm off and steal the briefcase with all the money you were going to pay. "I was going to pay through Paypal." Forget it, I'm not going anymore.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




Thanks to GEO140, who plans to plant this thing in his yard to keep me off his lawn. Curses!

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