Questionable: The $500 'Optimal Posture' Office Chair

February 27, 2013


If there's anything I learned growing up a southern belle in Alabama, it's posture is important. If you don't have good posture you'll get zero gentlemen callers and just wait by the phone at night praying for a suitor to ring while your parents sit by the phonograph whispering about 'the spinster in the house'. Enter the $500 Optimal Posture Office Chair from Hammacher Schlemmer. I have a hunchback and have never been kissed.

This is the office chair that provides chest or back support to help maintain optimal posture. Developed with doctors from the Wooridul Spine Hospital, the chair has a chest rest that provides support as you lean in toward a keyboard or desk, preventing back strain caused by hunching over. The rest swivels 180° for use as a backrest that shifts the shoulders back and chest outward, encouraging the curved, proper posture that reduces back strain. The seat's pelvis support has a gentle forward slope that shifts the pelvis forward and raises the buttocks above the knees, resulting in semi-standing posture that discourages slouching--a major cause of back discomfort. The sides of the seat are also sloped, spreading the knees apart (hip abduction) and keeping the pelvis upright to reduce stress on the back, shoulders, and neck.

So yeah, you can forget about leaning back when you're typing. Still, I just drafted a petition requesting the ad agency I work for (and secretly write Geekologie on their dime) replace all our office chairs with these ones. Just check out the dude in the picture -- unavoidable t-rex arms. This office is about to get f***ing SEXY.

Thanks to Cindy, who wrote me like a paragraph complaining about her office chair and it made me cry, it really did. You deserve better.

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