I Want Those: Crysis 3 Exploding Arrows In Real Life

February 20, 2013


This is a video of Youtuber Rated RR shooting watermelons with Crysis 3 inspired exploding arrows. He made a couple different versions, one with the explosive in the arrow's tip, and another one that doesn't explode until the arrow has nearly pierced the melon to its fletchings. My favorite arrow? The green arrow. "The comic book character?" No, the one where you get to turn left without oncoming traffic. Several people in the Youtube comments call dude out for allegedly packing the melons with C4 and exploding them that way, but he comes back to defend himself and says he'll shoot some clear jugs and brick walls so you know they're not fake. Besides, I remember a bunch of dude's other videos and he definitely seems like the kind of person who would make his own exploding arrows. "A nutjob." The nuttiest. As much as I want a quiver full of these things for when the zombies finally rise, I'm also smart enough to know that at some point I'll take a tumble and blow both my arms off. And then what? "We turn you into a mannequin guitar." Wonderful. "Then smash you on stage." It's how I deserve to go.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Chris, who went on this whole thing about the government already has Crysis nanosuits but we won't hear about them for like thirty years because we're brainwashed from the fluoride in our water supply. He was making a lot of sense.

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