BTTF DeLorean "A" Car Restored To Its Former Glory

February 21, 2013


Time Machine Restoration, a group dedicated to bringing Back to the Future's film-used Time Traveling DeLorean "A" car (the primary one used in the movie) to its former glory, has completed their restoration. And, from the looks of the thing, I think it might actually be able to time travel. Or at least look great parked in a handicapped space.

The restoration took almost a year, as we completely tore the car down to the frame. Every bulb, bolt and wire was cleaned, repaired and put back on. It's the most extensive and exhaustive restoration that's ever been done on the car. We're proud that the car has just gone on display at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Whenever you think of time travel, what do you think of? A movie? What the future might be like? Going back in time and being a hero? Because I always think of of thing. "Banging dinosaurs." Banging dino-- YOU TOO? We should exchange erotic fan fiction. I really am as big down there as I say I am in my stories though -- that part's real.

Hit the jump for a bunch more and a video, but check out the project's Facebook page for restoration in progress and high-res shots.



Thanks to Chris, a member of the restoration effort, who, God willing, can get me access to sit in the thing while I quote every memorable line from the movies I can think of with a big ol' shit-eating grin on my face.

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