Questionable Looking $150 Marc Ecko Batman Hoodie

December 14, 2012


This is the $150 Dark Knight Batman hoodie from Marc Ecko. It looks... "Kinda crappy." You said it, not me. It reminds me of what a cheap knockoff of a real Batman hoodie might look like.

Yeah, this is no joke. You're looking at the closest thing to taking on the role of Gotham's protector. Designed from the armored suit of Batman himself, this black hoodie is complete with injected padding body definition and a hood that pulls over and embodies every detail of the mask. See your city through the eyes of the Dark Knight... Literally! 60% Cotton 40% Poly CVC Fleece

You read correctly folks, wearing this thing IS THE CLOSET THING TO TAKING ON THE ROLE OF GOTHAM'S PROTECTOR. You put this hoodie on and you could only be more Batman if you WERE Batman. "There isn't even a utility belt." Naysayer!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including a braless Harley Quinn using the hoodie to cover up her taytays.




Thanks to Zingo, who may or may not be a hip new version of Bingo targeted at young people because everyone who plays regular Bingo is dead or dying.

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