Finally, A Decent Neck-Rest For Sleeping Upright

November 1, 2012


You know what the problem with sleeping up is? It sucks and it's uncomfortable. If God wanted us sleeping upright he wouldn't have invented memory foam mattresses. Even on airplanes I always put the tray-table down and rest my head on it the way you would on a desk in school because you gave up on Algebra II. It's a tight fit though, and if the person in front of me decides to put their seat back they'll probably snap my neck. Enter the UpRight Sleeper, a neck support that makes snoozing upright more comfortable (plus way cooler looking!). $40 takes one home, but the VERY fashionable cover costs $10 extra. I prefer the no-cover model because I'm hoping a flight attendant mistakes me for someone with a debilitating neck injury and moves me up to first class. *gathers carry-on preparing for move, flips the bird to everyone in coach* Haha, suckers! *flight attendant giving me the quizzical eye* OW OW OW -- MY NECK. *crop-dusting the last few rows*

Thanks to Bear, who lives in the forest and sent his tip via squirrel.

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