Noooo!: Heat-Activated Dino To Dino Bones Coffee Mug :(

September 18, 2012


Note: Mug doesn't actually shrink when coffee is added.

This is the $13 Disappearing Dinosaur Magic Mug from Baron Bob. At room temperature, it features a picture of a couple sexy-ass dinos, but when hot liquid is added *sniffle* oh God -- THEY TURN INTO FOSSILS. *uncontrollable sobbing* Obviously, I'll only be drinking iced coffee out of mine. "I didn't even know you drank coffee -- I thought you you said you run entirely on the energy beam aliens shoot directly into your head." Well that's true, I just like the way coffee makes me feel. *glug glug glug* Mmmmmm. "That's just bourbon." Try to get me fired and I'll kill you.

Thanks to lilco, who prefers tea. *donning pretty pink dress and tiara* DID SOMEBODY SAY TEA PARTY?!

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