Chocolate Record Actually Plays (And Destroys Turntables)

September 21, 2012


This is a copy of Breakbot's new album 'By Your Side', pressed in dark chocolate. It's a real record you can buy at the Colette store in Paris and is advertised to play 3-5 times before your turntable's needle wears the chocolate out. Then you eat it. But not if you're a dog! Chocolate is bad for dogs. Also, if you are a dog, WTF are you doing reading Geekologie? Shouldn't you be like, barking at the door or something? "I just finished licking myself." YOU CAN TALK TOO?!

Hit the jump for a video of a record being made and played.

Thanks to Florian, who pressed a record out of all red Skittles and it sounded and tasted GREAT.

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