That Kid's Gonna Grow Up Nuts: LOST Themed Nursery

August 17, 2012


This is a LOST themed nursery designed by some parents as some sort of sick social experiment for their currently unborn child. Oooooor maybe they just liked the show. And so did I! How bout that? I still wish they would've tied up the loose ends a little better though. Like, if that show was a shoelace it definitely would have come undone (and probably in a urine puddle in the men's room). Unless they were my shoelaces, because my shoelaces are just the two straps that go over your foot on flip-flops. What can I say, I'm a beach bum. I'm joking, I'm just a regular bum. I admire homeless people who don't smoke (but sometimes party with the ones who drink).

Hit the jump for a bunch of worthwhile closeups and a video (SPOILER: no black smoke).







Thanks to Luke, who tried to convince me the island was a metaphor for life and, I dunno, he wasn't making a lot of sense.

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