TARDIS Engagement Ring Now A Real, Available Product

August 14, 2012


Remember the conceptual Dr. Who TARDIS ring from jeweler Pathetic Peripatetic? Well now it's a real ring he'll actually make you. Not cheap though -- no, not cheap. No word if he's willing to use pieces of broken marbles instead of gems to help keep the cost down.

Pathetic Peripatetic makes the ring in a diamonds-only design, but the sapphires with a single diamond on each side really evoke the image of a blue police box. He doesn't say how much the rings cost, but you can email GinoArizmendi[at]artgemsjewelers.com for pricing information and availability.

You thinking what I'm thinking? "That thing would look great on my peen?" Hahahahhaha, for once, no. I was just missing the Olympics is all. I got so used to them being on now I'm not sure what to do with myself during the day. SPOILER: I'm leaning towards getting drunk in a park.

Hit the jump for some closeups.





Thanks to the_mill, who crushes our grains or whatever so we can have bread and make sandwiches. That's pretty cool.

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