Permission To Buzz The Tower?: Jets Sonic Boom The Windows Out of Brazil's Supreme Federal Court Building

July 3, 2012


This is a video of two Mirage 2000 jets going supersonic as they pass over Brazil's Supreme Federal Court building during a low fly-by and, WOOPSIE, blowing all the windows out in the process. Now I'm not saying I could have seen that coming, but come on, I've seen Top Gun. Back me up, Maverick. *sobbing* "Goose! It was all my fault." Jesus, you're still crying about that? But seriously, it was all your fault, bro -- you killed him.

Hit the jump for the video. Action is all in the first couple seconds so eagle-eye that shit.

Thanks to Thebostonterrorizer, who may or may yes try to bite your socks when you walk by. Or set the entire city on fire, I have no clue.

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