I'm On A Spaceship!: Star Trek Themed Home Theater

June 18, 2012


This is a Star Trek themed home theater setup (previous one HERE) created by Electronics System Consultants. It's one of those features that makes it really hard to sell your house if you ever wanted to move. But why would you? SPOILER: You wouldn't.

The theater represents one of the most distinctive, technically and structurally advanced private theaters in the United States. The client insisted upon a unique and specific set of criteria including extremely high volume levels within a tasteful and highly-detailed Star Trek-themed architecture. Other technical assemblies unique to residential environments include motorized sliding doors, intelligent concert-type lighting and related DMX512 controls, and commercial-level HVAC, all coexisting seamlessly and reliably for a typical homeowner.

F*** YES EXTREMELY HIGH VOLUME LEVELS. Crank those speakers up to 11 then blow your windows out and pretend you can't hear when the cops show up. Don't get me wrong, the setup does look like a great place to watch sci-fi movies, but what about when you just wanna kick back and watch a bromance with your homies? There's literally like, no good place to snuggle.

Hit the jump for several more shots of a realtor's worst nightmare.





Thanks to Jody_90, who agrees a Bioshock Rapture themed home theater would be the tits. Aaaaaand I officially have a reason for living again.

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