Wood Is Good: Custom Stormtrooper Head Lawn Chair

June 26, 2012


This is the custom Stormtrooper head lawn chair Geekologie reader Ferg's friend's brother at GotWood Workshop made. Oh man, one time a friend's brother's cousin's sister's boyfriend drove me around in the back of his pickup truck, so that was cool. You know, like loose in the bed. It was the time of my life. So yeah, Ferg's friend's brother can probably expect a cease and desist from Mr. Lucas here in about *looking at watch* 3...3...3... *tapping* I could have sworn this thing was waterproof. Anyway, this Stormtrooper chair gave me an idea. Check it -- a lawn chair with two little knobs on the backrest that, if you sit in shirtless, make it looks like you've got nipples on your back when you stand up. You'll be the life of the BBQ! Well, at least until somebody with a REAL nipple on their back comes along and Debbie Downers the whole thing.

Me: *standing up* Haha -- look everybody, I've got nips on my back!
Dude: You think those are funny? You think fake nips on your back is funny?! *lifts shirt over head to reveal areola near back of armpit* I was BORN this way.
Me: I think I'm gonna pass on that second hotdog.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.






Thanks Ferg, now all I can think about is sitting outside drinking beer in the sun.

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