All The Mass Effect Extended Cut Endings (Plus New One)

June 26, 2012


Because so many fanboys got their shit-stained boxers in a ruffle based on the original endings of the game, Bioware has made extended-cuts of the three existing endings to Mass Effect 3, and added a new one. The existing endings now have some more exposition explaining what happened to the various races based on your choices at the end of the game. The new one SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER THIS IS A FOR-REAL SPOILER I KNOW I FAKE A LOT BUT THIS IS FOR REAL-REAL involves fighting the Reapers via traditional war methods and not using the Crucible at all and almost all sentient life being wiped from the galaxy. Me? I was happy with the ending I got without any remake DLC and already sold the game on eBay. I'll buy another used copy once prices have dropped to the $10 range, then keep it for replay. Oooooor epoxy the disk and make a really cool looking drink coaster.

Hit the jump for all the endings. The new option is the last one.

Thanks to everybody who sent this, several of which sounded really pissed off in their emails.

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