You Really Spent Time On That: Animated Zelda Musical

April 18, 2012


This is a fairly worthwhile animated Legend of Zelda musical. The production value and overall quality is high, but if musicals aren't your thing you probably won't like it. "Pfft, musicals are for girls!" No they're not either -- what about Phantom of the Opera? "That's the only good one." Haha, that is the only good one.

Hit the jump for the at least skip around for ten seconds so I don't feel like this was all in vain even though I know it 100% was.

The Musical of Zelda Is Legend- (Wait For It) -ary [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Martin, whose girlfriend tried to get him to go see a musical when they were in New York for the weekend FOR HER BIRTHDAY but he skipped out and got drunk with a buddy instead. Just kidding, that was my buddy Terry. He's despicable.

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