Pokemon Song Girl Sings/Performs Theme On Ukulele

April 27, 2012


Remember Pokemon Love Song girl Danica? Well she's back, this time performing a "jazzy/ukulele-ey/Pokémon-ey" cover of the Pokemon theme song. She has a pretty voice. Granted I've never been a judge on a reality singing show, but that's because I have a little something I like to call SELF RESPECT. Just kidding, I'm tone deaf. But has that ever stopped me from performing Britney Spears songs at karaoke whil pretending to fellate the mic? It has not. I'm still a performer, dammit!

Hit the jump for the song.

Thanks to Kingdes, who once smashed a ukulele on stage and sent Tiny Tim running through the tulips crying his face off.

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