It's No Ewok Village, But It'll Do: Tentsile Hanging Tents

March 9, 2012


Tents: traditionally they go on the ground, usually on rocks or tree roots because you suck at picking a camping spot. But Tentsile tents, -- Tentsile tents go IN THE AIR, keeping you high & dry and safely away from hungry bears/zombies. Just kidding, they will throw sticks at you until the tent rips and you fall out. They come in 2-person, 3-4 person, and 5-8 person varieties and are advertised as "the tent for any environment". Although, if you look at the pictures, they look like "tents for places with trees."

Hit the jump for several more shots including interior ones and yes, an actual tree-free version that may or may yes involve driving a giant pole into the ground like ten feet.







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Thanks again to Woulfe, who, for two tips in one day, is officially the leader of the pack.

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