Batman Pulled Over For No Rear Plate, Only Bat Emblem

March 23, 2012


One call to Commissioner Gordon and I'll have your badges!

So apparently Batman (not this little turd) got pulled over in Silver Spring, Maryland (more of my old stomping grounds!) this week for not having a license plate on the back of his surrogate Lamborghini Batmobile, only a novelty Bat Emblem plate. Rich people, man -- they get their kicks in the strangest ways.

After verifying that the man owned the vehicle police let him off with just a warning so that he could go do good in the community. As it turns out, the super hero was on his way to visit sick children in a local hospital.

Ha, of COURSE he was on his way to visit sick kids at the hospital, he's a do-gooder. Man, I wish I was rich enough to drive my Lamborghini to visit sick kids in the hospital. Or anywhere really. I'd visit them on the f***ing moon if I got to drive a Lamborghini.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including one of Batman flexing in front of his car.



Police Pull Over Batman In Silver Spring [cbsdc]

Thanks to Lana and Jerry, who do the same thing except with Ferraris and Ninja Turtle costumes.

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