OMG AR-15 Unicorn With Attached Chainsaw

February 8, 2012


This is an AR-15 assault rifle with attached battery-driven chainsaw and decked out with a unicorn motif. I love rainbows and stickers! I'm not sure if it's FOR hunting unicorns or what, but I did just buy one and make my roommate run around the apartment with a party hat on his forehead while I shot him in the ass. "YOU DID WHAT?!" Haha, it was kinda loud for a BB gun. "AR-15's AREN'T BB GUNS!" Sooooooooo -- he's not faking?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video demo of the last thing the last unicorn ever saw coming.



Official Site and Facebook
The OMG-AR15 Unicorn zombie gun [boingboing]

Thanks to PYY, who prefers killing things with kindness. Kindness, AND A REALLY SHARP KNIFE.

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