Achievement Unlocked!: Good Boyfriend Badges

February 6, 2012


Just in time for Valentine's Day comes this set of Boyfriend Badges from Geekologie Reader/Etsy Seller Ashey J. What the f*** is a boyfriend badge? No clue, but I did make it to all the way to Webelos in the Boy Scouts.

My boyfriend is an achievement whore when it comes to gaming, so these buttons are a perfect v-day gift.

The ($8 -- or $1.50 apiece) set includes (from top left to bottom right): Drunk Make Outs, You've Accepted My Fetish, Breaking the Fart Barrier, My Pet Likes You, Met the Parents, and Moral Support While Puking.

Man, I don't WANT to break the fart barrier. There are just some things a couple shouldn't share in a relationship, and shooting fudge round blanks is one of them. I accidentally flapped cheeks in the shower one time when my girlfriend was combing her hair and I started squeaking my feet on the tub floor and singing real loud to cover my moose tracks. *sung to the tune of 'Singing in the Rain'*



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Thanks Ashley, now how about a set of Geekologie achievement badges? You know stuff like 'FIRST!', 'Loyal Tipster' and 'I Flamed Somebody For No Good Reason'.

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