But Where Are The DRAGONS?: Skyrim In Real Life

January 10, 2012


This is a video created by brothers John and Justin Grosjean of what it would be like to revisit Skyrim's Whiterun in 2012 (sans dragons). If you're into Skyrim and all it's nuances, you might find it cute. If you're not into Skyrim or hate all it's nuances, you'll probably find it ugly. Me? You'll definitely find me ugly. One time I even tied a porkchop around my neck and the dog still wouldn't play with me. Get it? Because my parents kept me in the attic and he couldn't climb the ladder.

Hit the jump for the video.

This Modern Day Live-Action Skyrim Short Proves Some Things Never Change [kotaku]

Thanks to questall and Harry, who were both Dinoborn and can understand a blogger's need to be intimate with a dinosaur. "We never said that!" YOU SHUT UP AND PLAY ALONG.

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