The Definitive Zelda Timeline (According To Nintendo)

December 28, 2011


Note: This isn't the whole graphic. Anybody could have figured out this is what happened in the franchise if there were only four games, click HERE to see the whole thing.

In its 25-years of existence spanning 16 games, it's hard to keep track of what the hell happened when in the Zelda universe. Thankfully, now there's a timeline from Nintendo to explain it all and put your mind to rest so we can all sleep at night. "I have been sleeping at night." Sleeping...or staying up late masturbating? Because your roommate says otherwise!

Hyrule Historia - The 100%, Official, Confirmed Zelda Timeline!! Finally!
The Official Zelda Timeline, Now With Added Detail [kotaku]

Thanks to Malandros, ben, Jordie and M-Sac, who don't particularly care what happened when just so long as it DID happen so they can play the games. You bring up an interesting point.

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