Suck It, Homeowner's Association!: Satellite Dish Disguised As A Patio Chair

December 8, 2011


I remember living in an apartment a few years back where they wouldn't let you put a satellite dish on your balcony because they thought they looked bad. Now? Now I live in such a shithole you can pretty much do whatever you want including discharge firearms inside at all hours of the night. You drug dealers in 308 know what I'm talking about -- high-five! I was actually hoping you could spot me some weed. This is a satellite dish disguised as a patio chair so you don't get in trouble with your landlord/homeowner's association just because Time Warner Cable sucks so f***ing hard.

Landlord: I couldn't help but notice there's a chair on your roof.
Me: Yeah?
Landlord: What's it doing up there?
Me: I had a kegger, somebody must've thrown it up there.
Landlord: And...?
Me: And I'm not climbing up to get it!
Landlord: It looks nailed down. I'm going to have to charge you to call somebody and retrieve it.

Product Site (only available in Europe)
Satellite Chair lets you tune into your favorite TV shows [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Ekko, who was just happy to hear it can actually be used as a regular chair. Hell yes satellite signals blasting through every part of your body! That's how superpowers happen.

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