"Psychedelic" Gecko Discovered In Vietnam

December 13, 2011


A group of scientists recently cataloged 208 previously unknown species in the Mekong River region of southeast Asia, and among them, this "psychedelic" gecko. Apparently it's only psychedelic looking though, but if you think for one second I'm not flying to Vietnam with the hopes of licking one, well -- hold on they're asking me to turn off my computer before takeoff.

Okay, so I'm in the jungle and I managed to meet a local that was kind enough to help me locate the an elusive psychedlic gecko. So what do you think -- lick it or just eat the tail? "Eat the tail." Good call, plus it'll grow back so I can eat it again later. Here's to tripping balls! *crunch* "That was the head." I feel pukey.

'Elvis' monkey, psychedelic gecko found in SE Asia [yahoonews]

Thanks to daniel, who licked a toad once but it turned into a prince so he ran away.

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