'House Of The Rising Sun' Played On Computer Parts

December 5, 2011


This is an impressive cover of The Animals' version of 'The House of the Rising Sun' (I love you, Eric Burdon!) performed on a bunch of old computer parts (set up by the same guy who did 'Bohemian Rhapsody'). What parts? I dunno, but hopefully not the privates. I've actually seen a friend strum a harp with his wiener before though, so you never know. "I know you need some new damn friends!" God, I really do. Unfortunately beggars can't be choosers.

He used an Atari 800XL with an EiCO Oscilloscope as the organ, a Texas instrument Ti-99/4A with a Tektronix Oscilloscope as the guitar, a hard drive powered by a PiC16F84A microcontroller as the bass drum and cymbal, and an HP Scanjet 3P, Adaptec SCSI card, and a computer powered by Ubuntu v9.10 OS for the vocals.

They actually do a really good job, which is a lot more than I can say for any job I've ever done. ...Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Of getting the band back together?!" HA -- good one, but no. I was thinking of my friend with the harp again. That...was a f***ing awkward wedding reception.

Hit the jump for the at least worth skipping around video.

House Of The Rising Sun Cover of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who sends me tips like it's his second, pay-free job. And to Alex, who decided to post the tip on Geekologie's Facebook page instead of using the tip line. Making me work for my dinner, huh? I don't like it!

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