Nightvision On The Cheap (And Iffy): LED Slippers

November 8, 2011


Those ankles.

$30 LED slippers: so you can find that bit of midnight snack you dropped on your way back from the fridge. And don't even act like they're to prevent stubbing toes because nobody watches their feet while they walk unless they're trying to avoid dog shit or breaking their mother's back. "But do they come in camouflage?" Ha, do they come in camouflage. Of course they come in camouflage -- the deer will never see you coming!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, an unconvincing infomercial, and a link to the product site.



Product Site

Thanks to Janey, who agrees walking into your children's bedroom at night with these things on is gonna make them shit the bed thinking you're an alien.

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