The US Map Of What's Coming To Get You

October 28, 2011


Note: Slightly larger full-size version HERE.

What? It's Halloween weekend so this kind of post is appropriate. Although, truthfully, I'd also post this on Christmas Eve and you and I both know it. I keep it real! Also, a constant 72°F because I don't want it so hot that I start sweating, but I also don't want it so cold that my nips get hard because I'll rub them raw through my t-shirt. I...have issues. New AND out of print ones. I'm what you'd call a hot mess. Except it's only 68° in here so I'm actually a cold mess with painful nipples. This is a map of what the citizens of each state are afraid is coming to get them. Me? There's only one thing I'm worried about coming to get me -- the police. Just saying, you know how many skeletons I have in my closet? One -- the triceratops I stole from a museum!

What Is Coming To Get Us [verysmallarray]
The Thing People In Each US State Think Is Coming To Get Them [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Casey, who fears nothing but fear itself. Pluuuuuuuuus crazy people with knives, stepping on cracks, heights, dogs larger than 20-lbs, sleeping with less than three pillows, mirrors that aren't full length, and dreams where your pants don't fit.

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