Not Quite There Yet: Humanity's Progress In Developing Star Trek's Technologies

October 24, 2011


Note: I had to cut the graphic so it didn't make the Geekologie front page an internet-mile long, hit the jump to see the whole thing.

This is an infographic charting humanity's progress on developing the different technologies from Star Trek. For some we're totally there already, for others we've got a looooooooong way to go. Personally, I'm most looking forward to transporters. Remember that time when Scotty had to beam the gang up in a hurry and the transporter malfunctioned and Kirk came back with his legs swapped and a penis for an arm? Man, I want a penis for an arm.

Hit the jump for the whole thing.


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Star Trek Is Just Around the Corner [forevergeek]

Thanks to Melissa, who just set her phaser to stun and shot Monday in the face. Quick, everybody to Tuesday while it's out!

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