I Thought It Smelled Like Burnt Fur!: Bigfoot Spotted On The Sun

October 10, 2011


Note: Full-res version of the solar prominence HERE.

Because bounty hunters were getting too close for comfort, Bigfoot has packed his furry ass up and moved to the sun. Aaaaaaand this is the evidence. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well this one says, "INDISPUTABLE!" 1,000 times. Powerful, I know. Not unlike the custom cleaning formula I just made by mixing all the half-bottles of bathroom cleaner I had lying around. This shit could strip the brown off an @$$hole. I'm not going to try until later, but trust me -- it's going to. Plus probably tingle. So yeah, hopefully that was enough to distract you from the fact I just posted a picture of a guy in a gorilla suit next to a gas eruption on the sun. "Nope." Damn.

Sunsquatch [badastronomy]
Sunsquatch [neatorama]

Thanks to Earthworm James, who was *this close* to having his own video game franchise before his brother stepped in and offered to do it for cheaper.

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