Sleeping On The Moon: A Giant Lunar Pillow

August 15, 2011


Wanna sleep on the moon? I've actually done it before. I'm talking about being with a lady. I've never slept on the moon. Picnicked, yes, but that's because I'm romantic. Plus a magician. *produces silk rose out of top hat*

Created with 26 hi-res images of the moon's surface, the pillow not only provides a striking view of our lunar companion, but admittedly also looks pretty comfortable. Comfortable enough to justify its $1,970 price tag?

*hacking Cheeto dust* Did that just say $2,000?! "No, it said $1,970." YOU SHUT UP. Now here's what you do: draw the moon on a bedsheet in magic marker (MAKE SURE THE MARKER IS MAGIC), cut it out, and sew it to another bedsheet. Realize you forgot to stuff it, tear it back open, and throw a couple couch cushions in there. BOOM -- saved you two grand. "Why's mine look so bad?" My guess is the giant shitstain.

Full Moon Odyssey Floor Pillow - Be The (Wo)Man On The Moon [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Harr, who's slept on Venus before and said it was just like you'd expect: nipple-y. Get it? The goddess not the planet!

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