Dammit Jem, I Said I Wanted An Aisle Seat!: Holographic Airline Staff

August 19, 2011


Seen here soliciting a wave from a young passenger, a member of a Paris airport's holographic staff welcomes flyers aboard their flight. GOOD -- I hate those real workers. *stuffing little brother in suitcase*

In Paris, one major airport is piloting a test program that replaces gate workers with holographic projections that look just like the real thing -- and they don't ever seem frustrated about that extra carry-on you tried to sneak on board.

When it's nearly time to bust out your boarding pass, a living, breathing boarding agent can push a button to fire up the holograms, which then do part of the work, welcoming passengers and providing information about the status of the flight. The projections, which are beamed onto a human-shaped piece of plexiglass, look and sound like the real thing.

No word if the holographic workers are permitted to grant free first-class upgrades, but you better believe I'm gonna drunkenly yell at one until it does.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Holograms replace airline workers in Paris, are more patient than the real thing [yahoonews]

Thanks to Zanshin, who agrees hiring a human worker to push a button to activate a holgoraphic worker almost makes too much sense.

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