Broken NES Lunchbox w/ Controller Handle

August 15, 2011


I get the NES lunchbox and 'A Game of Thrones', but what's up with the Q-tip?

This is the lunchbox redditor Masennus made after his Nintendo stopped working and isn't the first NES lunchbox we've seen on Geekologie, just the better one. I love how a sandwich fits perfectly into the cartridge slot. One time I put a piece of bread in my Genesis and it stopped working. I haven't played Altered Beast since. Just kidding, I have, but only in the bedroom. Get it? Because sometimes I dress up like a werewolf and scratch at the door.

My Nintendo stopped working. Nailed it? [reddit]

Thanks to Dihan, who made a sandwich carrying case out an old Sega CD but got bitched out when Ecco found out sometimes he was toting tuna salad.

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