Peeping Tom!: Spherical Drone Spyball

June 9, 2011


Seen here spying on a lady changing before coming though the window and chasing her up the stairs, a spherical reconnaissance drone developed by the Japanese military is put through its paces. For now the ball is remote controlled, but an autonomous flight system is currently under development. Here's to praying they don't paint a bunch of eyeballs on it. "OMG -- like that creepy f*** in 'Big Trouble In Little China'? Yes -- EXACTLY! A high five: I want to give you one so bad right now.

Hit the jump for a Japanese news report.

JSDF Spherical Drone "We Bought Most of the Parts in Akiba" [sankakucomplex] (site looks kinda NSFW on account of a boatload of anime boobs)

Thanks to E_ROR_404, who may or may not be related to Error from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

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