Other Famous Cars As Pixar Cars Characters

June 27, 2011


Cars 2 just came out this weekend and it was unsurprisingly number one at the box office. Number two at the box office? Never -- I don't trust public restrooms! Butt worms aside, this is series of other famous cars as Cars cars. Obviously (unless you've never seen the movie in which case we could never be friends), this is the DeLorean from Back the the Future, but hit the jump for a Batmobile, Bumblebee, the General Lee, ECTO-1, Herbie and, why not, Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder. SPOILER: They all look exactly the same except with big-ass cartoon eyeballs drawn on the windshields. Which, no lie, would probably make your kids' entire week if you did to the family car. No need to thank me, but I will take a macaroni necklace if they're making them.

Hit the jump for the others, which sadly don't include KITT.







7 Famous Movie Cars Redone As Pixar Characters [nextmovie]

Thanks to Kev, who -- OMG, FROM THE WONDER YEARS?!?! Not gonna lie, bro -- you f***ed that whole Winnie thing up.

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