Military Truck Drop: Watching Hummers Parachute Out The Back Of An Airplane

June 10, 2011



Ever wanted to see four Hummers get sucked out the back of an airplane in the dead of night over Iraq? Relax bro, I've got you covered. Unless it's your privates cause your swim trunks ripped or a bar fight, in which case we've never met and you don't even look familiar. Or remotely respectable. God, now even I wanna take a swing at you.

Hit the jump for the 0:45 video. First truck doesn't go until 0:20 though in case you're the world's most impatient person.

Military Airplane Truck Drop [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Charles, who once dropped a load out the back of his pants running a marathon and probably won't be sending me any more tips. OH COME ON -- I'll give you a good one next time!

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