Singin' About Balls: Pokemon The Musical

May 4, 2011


Note: Video after the jump possibly NSFW on account of some naughty words for private parts.

This is Pokemon the musical. If you really love Pokemon and can't catch(!!!!!!11) enough of the franchise, you might like it. But if you think Yu-Gi-Oh is the shit and Pokemons are just a bunch of biological experiments gone comically wrong, you probably won't. Me? I didn't even watch it. Well, not past five-seconds anyways. I could still hear it though as I put my chicken nuggets in the oven. It didn't sound very good, and I ended up burning myself on the oven rack. Then it sounded like me punching the stovetop and telling it I'll kill its entire family. You think I'm joking, Frigidaire?! I'LL GET IN MY NEIGHBOR'S CAR AND DRIVE TO SEARS RIGHT THIS F***ING SECOND.

Hit the jump for the video you're going to watch anyways despite it sucking so hard because I know how to pick convincing screencaps.

Pokemon Musical of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who claims he once wrote a musical based on Magic: The Gathering but it was poorly received because it was so far ahead of its time. So far ahead of its time, or performed in front an audience of stuffed animals?

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