Euthenasia Geriatricsncalifornia : 91-Year Old Gramma (Not Mine) Selling Suicide Kits Online

May 3, 2011


Somebody's old-ass grandma in San Diego is making a fortune selling $60 suicide kits online designed to enable a person to constantly inhale pure helium gas (not included) and die. Me? I plan on accidentally inhaling a mouthful of titties when I'm like 400 and choking to death.

Charlotte said her sales were nearly $100,000 last year. That's more than 1,600 suicide kits. The business is legal because of a loophole in California law but many question the ethics behind it.

She said she does this work for those people and that she'll continue as long as the law allows.

*looking at picture* That, uh, that looks suspiciously like a cardboard box, length of tube, and a plastic bag with the elastic from a gym sock sewn to it. Retail value at Home Depot? $8. "Dead people don't need money!" Ha -- and neither do 91-year old grammas. *flipping mattress* TELL ME WHERE IT'S HIDDEN YOU OLD BAG.

La Mesa Woman, 91, Determined To Continue Selling Suicide Kits [10news]

Thanks to patrick and Diane, who agree if you're thinking about offing yourself to seek help. Just sayin', sometimes we all need somebody to lean on. Especially me (you'd swear I was born with only one leg!)

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