Apr 1 2011Sticky Business: Packing Tape Art Contest


Sticky business -- wocka wocka wocka!

Packing tape: it's not just for holding my phone together anymore. In an effort to provide an unconventional means for artists to display their talent sell the everliving shit out of some packing tape, Scotch (the adhesive company, not the old-man drink that makes me feel warm and happy inside -- then violent and destructive) is running a contest to showcase the tape's versatility...or something. I don't know man -- I'm blogging from the bar.

The models had to be made using Scotch packaging tape and the winning entry will receive £3,100 when judging takes place next month.

The entries are typically made from between 30 and 50 rolls of tape and take days to complete.

They are made by sticking bits of tape together in a 'free-form' style or by wrapping them around objects which are then removed from the piece.

Other materials, such as wire, cardboard and paint, can make up to ten per cent of the model if used to support or enhance it.

'Many of the entrants photograph their sculptures in settings that help to bring their pieces to life, which helps us all to relate them.

"Bringing pieces to life and relating to them"? What is this, Pinocchio? And, if so, somebody wanna make me a love-doll? Preferably one without a mouth. "But that eliminates an entire entrance hole!" Not worth it -- I SAID NO MOUTH. Big ears a must.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, including one that I'm fairly certain is a gangbang.









On a roll: The incredible sculptures made from sticky tape [dailymail]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who can make anything you want out of packing tape provided its "a box stay closed".

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Reader Comments

you tool!
Learn 2 Blog!

I Agree with @1!
GW is not very good at this.

Huh. Pretty cool. People really will make art out of anything.

you guys have no idea,you seem to me like annoying waste i have to wipe then flush.

GW rules!!!

mow mow

Is the seventh picture supposed to be a gangbang or something?

mow mow

mow mow

Nevermind, GW answered my question...I got antsy and didn't read it all.

mow mow

No mouth hole; big ears.....? Someone help me out on this one?

I would def agree with you on that gangbang one GW and i dont think the middle person is a willing participant ether....

I'm pretty sure the "gangbang" one everyone is referring to is depicting the incident where a bunch of Rand Paul fanatics stomped on some girl's head during a rally.


So yeah, pretty much spot-on with it being a gangbang.

mow mow

I think we need some clarification as to the "theme" presented in the second to last photo...anyone?

mow mow


Indeed, that's a gangrape.

geekologie comment jockies -> when you complain about GW you're really telling us you're sex parts are mutated

"...running a contest in jolly ol' England..." Umm, no.
Just because your source was the Daily Mail, GW, doesn't mean that it was a contest in England (the UK or Britain surely).
Some of the photos clearly are not the UK - the first one with the boat and the one with the gum ball machine - and some research - ie. looking up the contests web site - reveals that it was a contest in the USA only (which is now closed and the winner will be announced in mid April.)
You've let me down GW. You've let me down.


mow mow

@13. So was he right about the gangbang part at least?

mow mow

#13 you've let me down before, don't throw so many sharp objects when wearing balloons


@13. I believe so.
@15. How am I supposed to get these balloon clothes off then?



...so did everyone just miss my explanation @9 about what the "gangbang" really is, or what?


winner for best analogy of the year
and drunkest poster of the decade

Leave GW alone! He's got the best blog, natch. lol at the gangbang. And someone really should explain to #7...

look at all the future litter
maybe the results will be announced on earth day

it looks like either a gangbang or a cugging competition

sorry people,unfortunately i lack imagination
blame that on all the drugs im taking hoho
sorry for the lame pun


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Tape gangbang FTW! Now that's what I call a sticky situation.

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