Portal Kombat Fatalities w/ Bonus Portals IRL!

April 25, 2011


This is the game cover for Portal Kombat, a game that only exists in 'a Youtube video of the fatalities' form (video after the jump). Still, it's better than nothing. It's also better than getting hit by a car in a grocery store parking lot, so you should really be thanking your lucky stars right now. Also after the jump: a worthwhile shot of a Portal captured in real life (and allegedly un-Photoshopped) by a fan of the franchise. So yeah, put that in your Portal gun and shoot & kill somebody with it. "Uh, you do know the Portal gun's not an actual projectile-firing weapon, right?" Huh? But they call it a gun. "You've never even seen the game, have you?" I HEARD IT'S LIKE FROGGER.

Hit the jump for the picture and video. Or -- OR -- shoot a hole through the webpage and portal your ass there.


Portal Kombat: Fatality with a Portal Gun [obviouswinner]
Portal IRL of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Christine, anon (DID YOU F*** WITH MY PS3 NETWORK OR NOT?!), fingerlings, Sam, kevin and Jacoby, who haven't bought either new game because they're saving for firearms. Starting a militia, huh? I'm down.

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