Apr 6 2011Hoarder!: Junky Computer Parts Coffee Table


Note: Worthwhile full-res shots HERE for all you junk fetishists.

This is the Binary Low Table from BRC Designs. If it looks like a bunch of crappy old computer parts hot-glued to a coffee table, congratulations, your vision's 20/20. If it looks like something you'd actually want around your house, congratulations -- you're a f***ing hoarder.

Inspired by pallets of obsolete computers and electronics that were collecting dust in a local warehouse. The table structure is made from the metal from computer towers that are riveted together and bent to the proper form. The surface is completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, led screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. The glass from the table was salvaged from an abandoned warehouse.

Oh man, if there's one thing I love it's a coffee table that, every time you accidentally kick, pieces go flying off. The vacuum is gonna love all those little parts! Kidding, I don't even own a real vacuum. Ever seen a dog shit transistors?

Hit the jump for one more small closeup in case you gave up clicking high-res links for Lent.


BRC Designs
Snaggly table made out of computer junk [boingboing]

Thanks to Darknut (yes!), who built a coffee table out of old video game consoles but regretted it as soon as he wanted to play some Genesis.

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Reader Comments


that is one UGLY ASS table...


OMS! That is amazing! (OMS = oh my science)

that's right up my alley, love it. I have boxes of old circuitboards laying around from years of collecting them with the intention of building something (robots) made out of circuitboards - but a table hadn't crossed my mind. Well done :)

The true fate of Johnny-5.

@4: Yes, we all saw that South Park episode as well. You're so clever.

looks pokey

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You know I would hate to go over to that guy's house and hit my knee on that table. Robot AIDS, just saying.

I cannot imagine a more painful piece of furniture to stub your toe on.

@7 wow! thanks for telling me. I had no idea that quoting something implied that I find myself to be ever so clever. I don't like to boast about my incredulous wit so I shall refrain from quoting anything. I appreciate your input.

@13: Thanks for responding with such a wonderfully condescending remark. Your implied "cleverness" is based on the fact that you seemed to hope people would find your post to be "witty," had they not recognized where the quote originated. I was not saying you were clever for quoting; rather, for trying to play off a quote as your own brand of humor and hoping no one would catch it.

And I suppose your "incredulous" wit *IS* rather hard to believe, seeing as how many people have a hard time believing in something when they see little evidence of its existence.

@13 Is that a quote from something?

@12 Your imagination sucks then. What about a table with a button on one leg that, when pressed, teleports you into a pit filled with snakes whose venom slow causes your body to deteriorate and eventually killing after several days of suffering. That would much more painful to stub your towe on

@14 I'm glad you caught on to my condescension. I wasn't being serious though; I was only pointing out how ridiculous your statement is. If you must know, I don't even watch sout park so I actually had no idea that is where "oms" originated from. I've heard my friend use it and I find it amusing. But again thanks for your input (by "for your input" I mean "for being a prick")

@14 Also, I was using sarcasm to point out how ridiculous you were being, in case you didn't already know.

The cleaner must be happy.

@Shelbon: I love your responses! They're just so wonderfully catachrestic. Please, tell me more about how ridiculous I am!

It will look even more awesome as the blood patina builds up from all the people gouging chunks out of their shins as they walk by it.

@20 I'm assuming you think me calling your comment ridiculous is catachrestic. I will recap the events: You said "Yes, we all saw that South Park episode as well. You're so clever." Implying that I was trying to be clever. I already debunked this statement by stating that I do not watch south park and did not know that is where oms came from. So clearly I was not trying to be clever but rather saying something that I find amusing. I find your assumption, that I was trying to be clever, to be ridiculous. That is not a catachresis, it is a accurate use of the word.

@ Jonathan I also further pointed out that I was being sarcasting becasue you said "And I suppose your "incredulous" wit *IS* rather hard to believe, seeing as how many people have a hard time believing in something when they see little evidence of its existence."

That part of my comment was completely sarcastic and you clearly missed it. I am trying to avaoid any further confusion.

@22: You assume incorrectly. I was referring to your comments in general, since I've noticed that the misuse of words larger than three syllables is a common practice of yours.

But I digress; every circus needs a clown, so again I beg of you, keep posting! Dare I say you're even on your way to stealing the job from Rancid Dook.

I just spent three days cleaning my house from top to bottom. Thus, my first thought on seeing this picture is that it would be a right bitch to dust.

@ Jonathan without specific instances your accusation is moot. Also, evn you are correct about my misue of certain words you may have over looked my ability to be hyperbolic. It's a literary term and if you are not familiar with I suppose you google it. But let us get on topic. You made an assumption and you were wrong. I simply pointed out that you were wrong and added some dry humor and you yet you continued to argue despite the fact that I demonstrated how you were incorrect. All you need to say is that your initial assumption was wrong and all will be well, my friend.

@Jonathan & Shelbon

yall need to getta life. got damn, i said got damn! (yes Jonathan that's from Pulp Fiction, I'm not tryina get called out for quoting things cause you will not stand for it amirite?!)

@27: HAHA, actually I really couldn't care less. Shelbon's just so easily riled up. Even moreso since if you use large words in a longwinded post, he'll do the same right back. Far too entertaining. :D

@28 Alright you got me. I am too easy to troll. /sigh oh well, It is probably because I have aspergers

Shelbon got owned. Should've given up sooner.

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It'd be more Awesome! If it did something other than be ugly & a pain to clean.


You don't need to act all toughguy online and think the internetz is your only social outlet.

Go outside dude. Make some friends. Engage in REAL LIFE. Aspergers is a joke, a farcical label created by psychologists to justify idiots like you who "just can't handle the world".

I can't lie - this looks really cool, now I'm thinking about making one. You have to appreciate creativity.

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