Apr 1 2011Dad Makes Custom Sci-Fi Character Growth Chart For Daughter's First Birthday


Note: Click HERE for a full-size 7' version of the chart in case you want to print it out and tape on a bedroom wall to make love to or whatever.

A geeky father, excited about his daughter's upcoming first birthday, decided to make her a geeky growth chart. This is her him standing by it. In case you can't tell, it measures height in tribbles, Yoda, R2-D2, Frodo, Princess Leia, a Dalek, Spock and Darth Vader. Me? I'm a solid Spock. With tribble balls. No -- R2-D2's.

Geeky Dad -- with another link to download a program that'll split the poster into pieces you can easily print. Also, to donate a couple bucks to his daughter's college fund for providing you with a free-of-charge growth chart.

Thanks to Mary, who prefers a more metric system of measuring height.

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Reader Comments

mow mow


mow mow

cool shit


mow mow

@1: Thanks for defiling my good name.

@Topic: The Dad's beard is extremely annoying. Also, what if his daughter grows up to be taller than Vader? Then who would she be? I dont know what a tribble is, but is that even necessary?

mow mow

Princess Leia was that short? Really?

Unless this guy is 7 feet tall, he's got Princess Leia at about 4 foot nothing.


tss tss...good name?..tss tss...you're name means smelly poop or sumpthin ya know...tss tss...

tss...tss...yeah I used the wrong "you're" I know its like I was retarded for a minute or sumpthin...tss tss....

my sister was 5'1", my dad is 6'6"

He wants us to donate to her college fund? Fucking bum. Why doesn't he donate to my drinking fund then in 17 years when his daughter is in college I'll use it to break her buhymen.

Dad is also a wookie

mow mow

@8 Ya man. Go make some signs or something.

mow mow

tss tss...yeah I'll make a sign...it'll say "Dook is here, he's queer, so fuck him in his butt" or sumpthin I donno it's a work in progress ya know...tss tss....

mow mow

How about we go into space instead and colonize a new planet?

mow mow

looks more like dr. manhattan than spock

Behold the wild neckbeard in his native habitat...

If that Vader outline is really 7', that guy is pretty damn huge.

mow mow

I'm getting tired of myself. But I'll still beat this into the ground!

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mow mow

ASSES! Stop using my name!

likeness rights!

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I suck dick like no one else. This "mow mow" shit I put on everything shows just how cool I am to the losers at 4Chan. Fuck me in the fat, socially awkward ass!!

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That man had sex with a woman???

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You really let it get to you don't ya? It's ok, it's just a comment board....

Yes I did.

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@23 ha ha. Keep em coming. There is only one Rancid Dook.

@22 Gays can adopt.

mow mow

It's a nice chart, but I'm pretty sure daleks are taller than that.


tss tss...yea this fake dook sucks even more human phallus' than the regular one ya know..tss tss...

lol GW did you see Zack n Miri Make a Porno?? That's all I can think about since you said R2-D2's balls. :D

wow, i didn't know princess leia was a dwarf

That's really cute, this father can probably sell these scales (with different characters) to other families online.

Why can't he just mark her growth on a wall or the back of a closet door like most people. This must be a first child for him cause he doesn't yet realize that once she starts walking, the kid will head straight for that thing and rip it apart. Toddlers are like wild DOGS!

At 29 - the reason he doesn't just make marks on the door jam is because he's a GEEK! Hence the whole point of the website.

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