Aquaman, Batman, Cyclops!: Superhero ABCs

April 12, 2011


Remember learning the ABC's? Me neither -- what are we, six? "I'm seven." What the -- how did you even find Geekologie? "Searching for dinosaurs." YOU GO BACK TO DISNEY.COM AND YOU STAY THERE. Artist Lishoffs (aka Fabian Gzlez), best known for his charts of minimalist superheroes/supervillains/video game characters, is back at it, this time with the superhero ABC's. Can you name them all? No? Cool, I'll just copy/paste the answers:

Aquaman, Batman, Cyclops, Daredevil, Elektra, Flash, Green Lantern, Hulk, Iron Man, Justice, Kick-Ass, Lion-O, Mandrake, Nightcrawler, Orion, Punisher, Quicksilver, Rorschach, Superman, The Thing, Ultra Boy, Vision, Wolverine, Professor X, Yukk, Zorro

Geez, maybe if I'd had superhero ABC's growing up instead of those creepy GENERIC anthropomorphic letters I wouldn't have had to retake kindergarten. Or be afraid during nap time. Just sayin', you ever woken up with Q's hand down your pants? Not cool -- especially not when you fell asleep to K rubbin' on your nips. THERE'S A PECKING ORDER!

Prints/Shirts/Hoodies for sale with the design
Lishoff's Flickr

Thanks to Krista, who learned the alphabet but never to count. Trust me -- you're not missing out on anything but a headache.

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