Mar 23 2011Xperia PLAY (Aka PSP Phone) Commercials


This is a commercial for the Sony Experia PLAY phone featuring Kristen Shaal (of Flight of the Concordes and The Daily Show). There's actually a whole series of these ads floating around (which I posted after the jump), all of which are worth a watch. You know, or not, God knows Sony isn't lining my pockets with any money. ALTHOUGH THEY SHOULD. C'mon, I know advertising! Sony bony boners shown. BOOM -- new slogan. Consider that a freebie.

Hit the jump for four or five commercials (I counted!), ordered from best to worst (so you may want to start at the bottom).

Sony Ericcson's Youtube Channel

Thanks to Manda, heartshaped button and Josh, who don't play games on their phones, their phones play games on them. Like when they make calls from your pocket? Mine does that too!

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Reader Comments

First! Wow!

She's hot.

it would be nice if the PSP was worth playing.

I found my next phone

I wish Nintendo would do this...

Last one was the best. Whys she so fugly tho?

mow mow

Do they still make episodes of Flight of the Concords? That show was pretty funny. This bitch is still annoying as f*** though.

mow mow

@7 Idk what you're talking about. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something about this chick that intrigues me

Trying too hard adverts are trying too hard

I want one

I want one of her, that is...

mow mow

@10 What's an advert?

mow mow

I'm waiting to see what is has to offer... really useful concept though, I'm F'in tired of NOT SEEING the stupid gameplay on my ipod due to my... "big boned" fingers :(

Does GW stand for geekologie writer?

Ok I have looked everywhere...does anyone have any information about when this phone will be available in the U.S. and how much it will cost?

I see it will be available for Verizon and everything I have read either says Spring 2011 or March 2011. Well March is about fuckin over...where the hell is this phone? I want it bad.

LOL, they're well done at least :P Too bad Im not paying $900 for a fucking phone.

Fuck Sony.

Crazy People reference ftw

Ok thanks for the answers! You're all fuckin awesome with your completely relevant comments! Thanks!

@17 Where the hell are you getting $900?

Also, I can't watch any of the videos. So if they contain the answers to my questions (see #16), sorry.

@16 I read it comes out in april 2001

I'd give her a go. With that voice I'm curious what her fuck noises sound like.

Sony is full of shait.

mow mow

@22 Think heavily nasal congested asain girl.

mow mow

needs moar Kevin Butler

This b1tch crazy!

Love her.

She is like a female version of Gerard Butler. It would have been funny to have done a spoof of 300 for the game side while using the phone at boring auction. Or something like that...

im not buying one because shes f'ing annoying and everytime i look at one i will think of her

lol, i love Kristen Shaal, shes funny as hell, and does great voice over work!...though it must be awkward during sex.

Sony Experia PLAY is too long of a name, can we just abbreviate this up. So yah.. I'm looking forward to that S EX Play phone..

She's the voice of Louise from Bob's Burgers!

she's in flight of the conchords, and flight of the conchords RULES

I think I'm in love.

I'm disappointed to see nobody recognises her from flight of the conchords because flight of the conchords RULES!

screw the phone, I want the woman.....

Thats not an AK-47..... it's an M-60

@zoom zoom:

no worries, i only clicked the link because i recognized her from fotc

God i miss that show :'(

That gal looks like a hotter version of my 7th grade art teacher...the horrible things I'd do to her...

omg people sony actually have a good ad for a product!

I really want this! :0

This is my next phone!! Now all I need is money, so if your like me you have eyeballs you'll know that I will probably never use the game pad.

Whoa!!! i think this is my new phone, i gotta have this :)

Hi! Thanks for the great review. It is an awesome phone and Kirsten Shaal is better than ever.
I love everything about this cool device which starts from all types of video games to PSP Porn videos.
It is an absolutely magnificent device for all times of the day.
Happy Gaming

W O W... Madd props to sony for there creativity here. this will be my next phone, im not sure if she was hot or not... definatly cute in an odd sort of way o.O

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