Mar 17 2011Survey Says...Trekkies Are A Fun Bunch


In other facts & figures news, Star Trek fanpage Subspace Comminque recently conducted a survey of 5,041 Trek-lovers to determine just now nuts they are about Tribble-based foreplay or whatever else ungodly things they're into. What do you mean you're setting your phaser to 'makeshift buttplug'? LET ME SEE THAT DIAL!

  • 57% of the Trekkies who voted were female, suggesting there are more lady fans than guy fans [dons captain's uniform, practices best 'beam me up, Scotty' voice]
  • The respondents were mostly single, over 40, and well-educated [creates new Middle-age Matchmaker profile, reads physics book]
  • "Trekkies" was the most popular term for fandom receiving 43% of the vote [reminds myself to stop calling them Trek Peckers]
  • 79% said they were involved in Star Trek fandom because they agreed with the philosophical ideals of the shows [denounces Jedi religion]
  • Fellow fan behavior considered by the interviewees to be "deviant" were as follows: Unable to tell reality from fantasy (89%); considers Star Trek "their whole world" (67%); indulging in cosplay (47%); referring to oneself as a character name or taking on a "rank" (39%); producing fan films (13%); playing in themed music bands (4%) [brags about being born aboard the Enterprise]

Hmm, not really sure what to make of all that. There's an entire 28-page report HERE if you're interested, which I read about a quarter of before getting real sad about the whole thing and having to slam 64 oz's of green beer to cheer myself up. Which worked. "Uh, GW -- why's your penis green?" Oh, that? I tried siphoning.

Trekkie Stats Of The Day []

Thanks to Tom, who doesn't consider himself a Trekkie as much as he considers himself a real-life Vulcan. NO DEATH-GRIPPIN' MY WIENER, BRO!

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Reader Comments

Jedi religion FTW

I can't be the only one who thinks it's RIDICULOUS that First Contact Picard is paired with the Enterprise D. COME ON!

Or rather, that the Enterprise E is hidden so I make a post that makes ME look like a food. Damn you, collage!

I'd like to believe that Voyager never happened. Akin to Highlander 2.

Voyager? Voyager is your "highlander 2"'re ok with Enterprise, the show that was so bad it murdered the franchise and had sex with the corpse?

F-ck the trek nerds!


You misspelled "communique".

@2/3 LOL way to go food!

man gw! all that wiener talk's makin me hrony!

oh yeah and...

@7 you're a dork! who gives a shit!

Sad? This was a fantastic survey with insight into fandom that perhaps busts myths. Check out the 28 pages. Yes, it was written for a more academic group, but sure worth a fan's eye.

i honestly think star trek is gay. its just a gayer version of star wars.

It's not as gay as your mom

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