Mar 29 2011The Brothers Mario 2, Kong Country (Plus Bonus Live-Action Duck Hunt Trailer!!)


This is The Game Station's sequel to their Brothers Mario trailer, again in the style of a Grand Theft Auto game. It's good. This one focuses on a new don moving to town (don Key Kong!!!!!!11) and demanding a piece of Bowser's action. The rest is history explosions and cheesy dialogue. I also posted the recent trailer (in 2-D AND 3-D!) for a live-action Duck Hunt movie they made as well, because I'm into combining things today. "Ooh ooh -- do baking soda and vinegar next!" YOU'LL GET SALT IN A WOUND AND LIKE IT!

Hit the jump for the Mario trailer, Duck Hunt in 2-D, and Duck Hunt in 3-D.



The Game Station's Youtube Channel (for a bunch of other video-game themed stuff)

Thanks to Nathan, who actually co-directed the piece. Ooooooh, mind if I send you some headshots? (read: random penis pictures I found on the internet)

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mow mow

I want some of Bowser's action up my urethra!

mow mow!!!1

Booo. Mario 2 would have Wart, Birdo and Shyguys, not DK's crew.

Also... wow, that Duck Hunt trailer was painful to watch. They should stick to using game engine footage for their trailers.

The "Do the Mario" music video is superb!

@3 Did I offend you or something? How about you tell me what your problem is?

mow mow

When I do The Mario, it entails me putting the mushroom tip of every guy in my immediate vicinity into my mouth and sucking out that delicious mushroom juice.

mow mow!!!1

"Winners don't do shrooms"

I take it he hasn't met Charlie Sheen.

I find it funny that Toad was black and Yoshi was asian

Nottttt beaadddddd.... but the Boo character should have turned around and followed Mario when he walked passed him. Boo-urns.

Damn, they sure didn't make very good use of the characters. The got so hopped up on the action, they forgot to put in the jokes, which I thought was the whole point of this.

@7: Your words amuse only yourself.

@ poop, if it sucks so much, why do you keep coming back to comment?

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