Mar 8 2011POW-POW-POWER WHEELS! RANGERS: Every Ranger In Battle At The Same Time


7:30, guys, really? Isn't it a little early for an all-out battle? Daddy needs his coffee and some bathroom time.

This is a video from a recent episode of the Japanese equivalent of Power Rangers that quite possibly features every single Power Ranger in battle at the same time. Pfft, I'm pretty sure the original six could have handled it alone. Just sayin', Zordon, it wouldn't kill you to take a course in supply chain management before sending out the whole crew again.

In this scene from the Japanese tokusatsu show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (which premiered last month in Japan), a battle erupts between some bad guys and what appears to be every Super Sentai (a.k.a. "Power Rangers" stateside) hero ever created.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like pulling out all the stops and having an every-ranger-ever battle in the first month of a show's premier is a little excessive. You gotta save that shit for when ratings are slumpin', yo! How could you possibly live up to a Power Ranger Battle Royale in the first month? "Uh, by replaying the same footage in a different context every couple weeks?" Touché, Rainbow Ranger -- now touch my butt.

Hit the jump for two minutes of spandex-clad spazzes running around waving their arms like idiots.

A battle with every Power Ranger in existence going absolutely bonkers en masse [io9]

Thanks to york and Jessie, who agree Zordon sucks when it comes to making Power-Ranger based logistical decision making.

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i wish kikaida was there.

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those flying rangers are too much

*Video Starts*
Wow, this kinda fucking lame
*Original Power Rangers show up*

It showed the Green Ranger, so I'm happy...

dude.. imagine how big that megazord would be..

This is so lame it became epic. Hopefully it doesn't become even more epic or may become lame again

First month? That was how the series opened!

mow mow

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mow mow

i wanna watch the rest of it

LOL, well theres some childhood memories for ya, ORIGINAL red and green rangers!

Who is the face in the second :32? OMG! behind the green ranger

How do you top a Power Ranger Battle Royale?
Why, with a Megazord Battle Royale of course!

@15: I could nostalgia-gasm over that. Everyone as a kid was totally sitting there thinking, "why don't they just call the Megazord from the beginning and just step on the bad guy?".

I too wish to be the rainbow ranger.

Wait a minute, what about rangers that were multiple colors from different seasons? Like the green, white, red jesus freak. And the blue and whatever the hell he became homo from the first season?


Still better than Doctor Who though.

mow mow

Go Go Overly Exaggerated Hand Gestures! Go Go Overly Exaggerated Hand Gestures! You Mighty Overly Exaggerated Hand Gestures! YA!

Oh no! Guys in grey spandex!!!

mow mow

The rainbow ranger should have been sticking his sword up assholes, the black ranger should have been stealing their wallets, the yellow one should have been driving slowly and the mexican one should have been stealing their jobs.

The guy on the right side of the frame at 0:32 almost looks like he has a pot leaf shaped visor on his mask. Almost.

Also: Gay Pride Ranger at 0:45. And Charlie Brown Ranger at 1:02

@11 Rancid Dook

Perfect ^.^

Too much spandex is too much.

And not a drop of alien or human blood anywhere.

Also, how'd they get from the middle of the city to a wasteland so fast?!
(I know its for efficiency purposes)

The Original Green Ranger will always be the Best Ranger in my book


Um dont think this can be shown in U.S just cause Jason David Frank cant be in 4 outfits at one time.

that was fucking awesome if you ask me saw some real heros in my life time


Immortals..... we put their name to the test..


So, that's why Zordon only recruited five rangers at a time, anymore of them and they'd've gone nuclear years ago.

If that was leading up to the part where they each call out their Zords one by one, this thing would be a feature length movie.


Oh, Im sure you would...

@12 Try Tv Nihon I don't know which episode though or if its subtitled yet
@17 not in the Japanese Sentai where this is from

mow mow

I suck penis

mow mow



lol. its so comical the way they fight, especially since its practically unchanged since i watched power rangers as a kid.
also, why didnt they use their fancy super fast explosion powers FIRST?

this is my childhood dream come true
also i thin i saw god in there


this is od man, its just too much colors in action!

btw who's the bug eyed red ranger with the cape???

@dr196 That's Akaranger, the verrrrrrrry first Red Ranger.

The original Green ranger ( on the Japanese version ) was really kicking ass, adn the series was awesome, power rangers just pale in comparison ...
here there are like 30 years of super sentai...on on battle... HENSHIN!!!!

This is the 35th year of Super Sentai shows, so there are 34 past groups of rangers, and the new ones (Gokaiger) for this year. It's a huge gimmick to A)sell toys (not just the five or six they usually have, but EVERY past ranger is now going to be a NEW toy, I bet), and to get parents into the show as well as their kids. My husband freaks out everytime they show FLASHMAN! LOL

It's pretty cool so far...

This Sentai season is beyond freaken awesome!
I'm on episode 4

"The Japanese equivalent of Power Rangers"

I'll go ahead and make it my duty to inform those who don't know that Power Rangers the American localization of the Japanese "Super Sentai". Almost all of the fight scenes are co-opted from Super Sentai (from the Original Mighty Morphin to whatever is the latest iteration) and redubbed.

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