Mar 30 2011Piece Of Pikachu In Every Bite: Pokéball Pizza


Pikachu pepperonis, just sayin'! "Uh, that would make a piece of Pikachu in HALF the bites." GOD YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!

This is a pizza crafted to look like a pokéball. A couple things: 1. holy shit could that thing be any greasier? I'm surprised the bottom of the box wasn't compromised. 2. I'm fairly confident traditional pokéballs aren't flat on one side and 3. whatever pizza artist made this thing obviously doesn't care about keeping their job because you can't go putting that much extra pepperoni on a pizza without charging extra. Trust me, I once got fired from a place for putting too many sausage bits on a pizza if you know what I mean. I mean I spread the marinara around with my privates. You should've seen the look on Papa John's face! Like he'd just seen a ghost someone f***ing a customer's pizza.

Pokeball Pizza Of The Day [geeks.thedailywhat]

Thanks to Randy, who planned on making a pizza that looked like the Death Star but ate all the ingredients while the dough was rising. *facepalm*

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@1, the pokeball or GW's " schlong"?

gw's schlong is NONE YER BUSINESS

I hope the guy who had to make this left a squirtle in there somewhere. That's what I would have done. You think things like that don't happen in the food service world...but they do....

dude wat happened to u GW your jokes used to make me laugh now you just really fuckin suck... this is my last visit to

He spreads the marinara (not marina!) with his schlong or else he gets the hose again.

I think you just need your funny bone fixed JIMMY! that's right I know that's not your name but I just don't care enough!
And olives... Gross

Vanessa is a gross name....

@5 good riddance you humorless turd!

We still love you here at Kenny Rodgers Chicken, GW- no worries. stop in for a drumstick!

Yeah and rancid dook isn't... Right

@11 Want to be my girlfriend?

I have 2 kids and no job. I'm about 157 pounds and 6'2.
Wanna be my boyfriend?

Holy crap! Kids!? Head for the hills! RUN!!!

You know I'm just crappin with ya. Sorry, boring day today...

I knew a vanessa once. I met her at summer camp when I was 13. She got 3 girls pregnant, man! 3 girls pregnant!

I got the gw pregnant but he refuses to tell anyone about our lovechild.

Ohhhhhh Pikachu is the pepperonis...I get it now!


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