Mar 11 2011Great Britain's Collectible Fantasty Stamps


Because apparently people still send snail-mail (LOLWUT?!) Great Britain just announced a line of collectible fantasy-franchise inspired stamps for all you philatelists out there. Which, fun fact: philatelists is a fancy word for stamp-collectors, NOT guys who flick their wieners on the bus in front of people. Those are perverts. Also, waaaaaaay too f***ing common around here.

Hit the jump for four more.


Royal Mail's new stamps from magical realms [guardian]
Britain's Royal Mail Releases Dumbledore, Merlin, Voldemort Stamps [obviouswinner]

Thanks again to Joe, who, for two tips in one day, WILL GET NOTHING AND LIKE IT.

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Why aren't there any LotR ones? Tolkien was English

Where the fuck is Gandalf?!

no gandalf the white? =/


I heard the Tolkien family has been very litigious lately. The Brits probably wanted to just avoid any legal action.



Seriously! Why no Gandalf love?

They're the mudder fuggin GUBMENT. Why would they be afraid of a lawsuit? they have EVERY judge in their pocket.

Gotta love how voldemort got tossed in with the chicks, though. the whiny bastich.

Well I'm off down the post office tomorrow then.
Unless the government has shut it down...


No Tolkien, but two Rowling?

Absolute Bullshit.

why are three of them characters from movies? I mean they're actors dressed in movie roles, the rest are paintings.

seems like a rather OBVIOUS bit of marketing for the last Potter movie, disguised as postage.

This is just terrible. What kind of person buys this crap?

I agree with 13, they should all have been painting or drawing...


Broken link is

:) I love it when you geekologie sons of bitches stop over for a visit..

Where's Yoda?

Eff yesssssss Rincewind!

1) They should all be painted. C'mon England through your painters some friggin' work!

2) Wizard with two Z's LOL! Those silly brits, always riding the lift in their knickers.

Its supposed to be Wizzard.
Have to have the Rincewind 1st class stamp <3

Tolkien was south african

but Tolkien was naturalized and taught at Oxford for Jimminy Christmas's Sake!

Agreed, who the f**k is Wizzzzard from Discoworld?
And why isn't Gandalf on there instead?
Granted, I hate LOTR, still seems like kind of a blatant omission.

And yes, it should have been all original artwork from an artist's IMAGINATION, not regurgitating how certain characters have been portrayed in recent movies.

Weaksauce. This stamp series gets a thumbs down from me. And whose opinion counts more than mine?

Ok I can't really wait around to discuss that....

To everyone asking who the wizzard is, please do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up some discworld books. Seriously, terry pratchet's novels are some of the smartest, funniest, most surreal things you'll ever read.

What about Tim the Enchanter?


The UK can't do anything right.

Totally agree with SOM
if you donĀ“t know rincewind... do us the favor READ the books! Terry pratchet is the funniest writer ever!

I soooo want the rincewind and nanny ogg stamps ;_;

Terry Pratchet't's books are amazing, go out and buy 'The Colour of Magic' if you want to start to read one of the best fantasy series ever written. It doesn't take itself as seriously as Lord of the Rings, or Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, or any other true/epic/whatever fantasy classic, but it's still on par in terms of the quality of the writing. Probably the funniest books ever written.

Ha, my university sent me a letter recently with the Dumbledore stamp on it, I just thought someone on staff had gone a bit mental.

Love that Nanny has a drink in her hand. To bad they couldnt have he singing the hedgehog song

I agree with cabbo, go get the books!
You dont need to start with the first one, most of his books can be read in any order (Mine was the Thief of time, the 26th book, and one of the best in my opinion).

There are 3 made for tv movies out on the series but they dont do the books justice.

The Luggage YAY!

Rincewind and Nanny Ogg!

Finally (48 hours) time limit to buy.

LV Muffler $ 5.99
LV Bags $ 19.9
LV Wallet $ 6.55
Armani Glasses $ 5.99
LV Belt $ 6.9

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Tips (48 hours after the special product is invalid)

Two from Narnia, none from Lord of the Rings? WTF?

All these "wizards" are weak! My magic makes them look like droopy-eyed armless orphans. I'm a wizard, bro - with tiger blood. I'm a wizard from Mars.

Tell me: where is Gandalf? For I much desire to mail my correspondence with him.

I know who designed these stamps they are an awesome company

I just started reading terry Pratchett's books. There freaking amazing!!
I seriously cheered when I saw Rincewind 8D

I like how they are all looking at us like they are so much smarter than us (and they are).

That's not Rincewind!
His face is not wrecked with fear and terror.
Maybe it's Rincewind juuust after he done magic?


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