Mar 18 2011For The Ladies: Sessy Pac-Man Dresses


This is a line of $32 Pac-Man dresses from 80'sTees. Why they didn't bother making a Ms. Pac-Man version is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with BLATANT SEXISM. Proud Don Draper would be proud. Also, what's up with the model? I feel like ol' Demoneyes McSoulstealer is trying to cast a spell on me. No? Something behind me? Whew.

Product Site
Sexy Pac-Man Tank Dresses [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to Shannon, who claims she knows what guys like. Really? Whisper it in my ear. HA -- You're good. "Anything with boobs" is correct!

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Reader Comments

Too bad the model is so fat.

Kudos to them for actually getting the colors corrrect. You wouldn't believe how off some of these companies can be with stuff like that.

But they're missing the long-lost fifth (green) ghost - Derpy.

Inc comments about gobbling up those ghosts.... nom nom nom...

@4 Prediction fail. Only you have a sense of humor that bad

Also - Meh...

Year...surely you mean ear eh..! But that dress could give me a year-ache!

bringin a new definition to skirt chasing

The correct spelling is "ladeez."


You whack off to concentration camp footage, don't you?


And why aren't the eyes directly over the tits?

Id Put that Pacman Dress on and Let them Ghost Eat me up;D

@12 i seriously think your a homosexual your a disgrace to the internet.

@13 Fukk u Man! Go Suckk a Indiana Chili Ring!, than Give a Blumkin To Obamas Corpse!, But enough with u These Dresses r Nicce!

@14 yeah they are pretty nice. so you wanna be friends or wat?

Cowboy Butt Sex?.

well i guess we can just do it for the shits n giggles.

These are cute enough but I see them more as nightgowns than actual dresses. Even on these models the dresses look a little dumpy. Could you imagine how they'd look on the average girl? (Not the big ones but the ones who are normally a size 6-8.)

This will only really look good on certain people and by certain people I mean people who are size 4 and have C-DD cup hooters.

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