Mar 11 2011Wonder How Big A Blue Whale's Heart Is?


This big. Around 1,300 lbs to be inexact. Plus "its heartbeat can be detected from two miles away and a human can fit in its arteries." Not only that, I heard their sperm are the size of jet-skis. Just kidding, I'd still ride on one though.

MyWhaleWeb (hey mine shoots webs too!)
How Big Is a Blue Whale's Heart? [geekosystem]

Thanks to Melissa, who really loves whales. Like, to the point where she has stickers of them all over her Trapper Keeper. Nice, psycho.

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Reader Comments

That's 2x bigger than I thought. :D

almost bigger then my moby dick.. lol get it?

mow mow
mow mow

You shouldn't have to say "lol get it?" when you are trying to make a joke.
Also I'm doubling up on the mow mow's since I forgot them in my last post. I know you all missed that.

mow mow
mow mow

The author wants to ride inside an animal's sperm?

Guess it takes all kinds ...

@Rancid, yeah your right.. but some people arent the bluest whale in the sea.. catch my drift?

I saw the pciture before reading the title and for a second I thought it was Admiral Ackbar

Dat whale has alotta heart, kid...

boogy boogy

I want to see if they can sculpture all of it's organs :B.

boogy boogy

mow mow

ill just say that I lol'd.

mow mow

mow mow

@8 I am referring to you as "Chow" cuz you are dog food and I hate your name.

mow mow

mow mow
dumb dumb

mow mow

Is what a lawnmower does.

mow mow

mow mow

I will sex you all.

mow mow

Sad how half of the comments on this post were lame.

Look at @14, I mean come on, seriously.

Once again, Rancid Dook ruins another comment section with this 'mow mow' faggotry.

Post apocalyptic splash world water park

GW, I'm surprised, you didn't ask them how big a blue whale's sperm was? I figure if their dicks are the size of telephone poles...

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how I wish a lot of people have a good and big heart like this.Especially those who sit in our government.

hope our people have also big heart like those posts above.
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i love blue whales and i think that japan or china or any other country should STOP killing they are the gentel giants of the sea any out of any other counry

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